I, Dr. Saradarian, am retiring after 33 years in private practice.  It has been an honor to serve as your medical counselor and educator all these years.   I will miss you all and hope to see you around town.  

Our final day in the office seeing patients will be April 5, 2023.  After that, Debra and I will be there some days,  cleaning out the office, providing patients with their charts, and trying to close out business.  We will be completely out of the office by May 31, 2023.

I physically will not be able to refill anyone's prescriptions after May 31st.   I will not be able to give any medical advice after that date.   But I will be able to continue to provide copies of medical records and answer business questions through email.  



I am very happy to announce that Premier Health Associates-Hamburg Office, specifically Dr. Attiyah Zaheer, MD, have agreed to accept all Quality Family Practice patients.

Dr. Attiyah Zaheer, MD
Dr. Gloria Canizales, DO
225 Route 23 North, Suite 1C
Hamburg, NJ  07419
973-209-1550 (ph)
973-209-4832 (fax)

Patients with Horizon NJ Healthcare will have to go elsewhere or switch their plan to Wellcare, which Premier Health does accept.  Call for assistance.

If this option is not good for you, please call and we can offer alternative choices.